6 Weeks - 24 Months

  • Fullerton Children's Academy
    3516 W. Commonwealth Ave.,
    Ca. 92833
    (714) 680 0567


Fullerton Children's Academy infant care program is devoted to nurturing the individual development of children, families and educators within the community. We do this by providing:

  • Educational environments that promote learning through inquiry, collaboration and play.
  • Educational programs that support the development of the whole child and cultivate healthy family dynamics.


We believe that the following goals, which we hold dear, are the basis for building any strong community:

Empathy - Creating a nurturing, trustful, supportive environment based on fairness and opportunity.

Trust - Facilitating authentic expressions of ideas and feelings, along with open communication.

Cooperation - Building environments that encourage people to work together for the common good, which requires kindness, honesty and fairness.

Responsibility - Encouraging people to make their own choices and take responsibility for themselves and others in the community.

Self-Esteem - Helping individuals realize that they are competent and worthy of happiness